Stories of Math - Graphs, Fractions, Multiplication and Animals!

Here are some favorite picture books we have been sharing as a family that play with math!

Which One Doesn't Belong? Perfect for Morning Time Math

Here is one of our favorite math picture books to read during morning time, when I have all my kids together. 

12 Favorite Picture Books about the American Revolution to Read Aloud

This past fall my three children and I spent months immersed in the American Revolution. This was in large part due to the amazing number of fabulous children's picture books about the period. Every week I brought home armfuls of new books from the library. The following list represents the cream of the crop out of the dozens and dozens of picture books we read, the books most beloved by me and my three kids (10, 8, and 6-years-old). All were read aloud by me to my book-loving, squirmy, silly children on the sofa. Many of these picture books feature additional fascinating historical information in the endnotes. We often read aloud these pages as well!

Picture Books Featuring Langston Hughes' Poetry

The past couple of months we have been enjoying the poetry of Langston Hughes. Here are some of our favorite picture books featuring his poetry.

Lunar Landing Love: Three Fabulous Apollo 11 Picture Books

The following is a not uncommon example of Library Serendipity. I love the public library!

Celebrate SPRING with Picture Books by Kevin Henkes

Spring is finally here!

One of my favorite ways (besides getting outside!) to nurture in my kids a connection with the natural world is through books! In this post I share some favorite picture books by Kevin Henkes that are perfect for celebrating the return of spring. These books have simple but lovely text and illustrations. All three of my kids have enjoyed these titles, but I especially love that my 6yo, a beginning reader, can read these titles with a small amount of help from mama. I try to have her read a book to me each day, and while there are many wonderful easy readers, sometimes it is fun to read a big lovely picture book together instead. Many of these titles are available in both large hardcover and board book formats.