Advent Countdown: Our Favorite Christmas Picture Books

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Each December we count down to Christmas by unwrapping and reading a beloved children's book about Christmas each night, some from the library and some from our own collection. Here are some of our favorites. 


Christmas Day in the Morning

The following books may be harder to find new (check your library or buy used):


You can wrap all 24 books at once and put them in a basket or under the tree with a little numbered tag (see photo). You could also not number the books and just let your kids pick a package to open. It is fun to see all the books wrapped under the tree at once, and watch the number of books dwindle as Christmas approaches! 

Or you could take the lazier approach that I've used for the last couple years (after many years of the approach described above). Instead of putting out all 24 books at once, which requires me to come up with 24 reusable fabric gift bags and wrap a lot of books in one night, now I just wrap three books at a time (one for each kid). And after three nights when those have all been opened, I wrap three more books in the same bags. Once the book is unwrapped and read, it goes in the Christmas book basket in the living room to be read and enjoyed again and again during December. 

Find more detailed descriptions and reviews of some of the above picture books in these posts:


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