SCIENCE & NATURE: Our Favorite Picture Book Read-alouds

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I read dozens of picture books every month with my three children (12, 10, 8). This list includes only the very best science and math picture books we've read together. Note that some of these picture books are much textier than others (and might be read aloud best over multiple days). And while all the books below are wonderful and highly recommended, I have starred (*) our very favorites, many of which we purchased to enjoy again and again. We hope you enjoy all of these books as much as we have!

This list is continually updated every few months. 

Ocean Life


Books about Owls by Jim Arnosky (top and open, titled Thunder Birds), Laurence Pringle, and Gail Gibbons

(See this post for a more in depth description of 10 of our favorite picture book read-alouds about birds)



Human Body & Biology

Physical Sciences 

Earth Science


These books by Theodore Gray aren't really read-alouds, but it seems sad to have nothing here. I do think parts of these could be read-aloud. My son has read me many of his favorite passages.


Some favorite authors for science and nature books (many of their individual books are listed above):

Here are links to all our favorite picture book read-alouds by subject: 

What are your favorites?



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