MATH: Our Favorite Picture Book Read-alouds

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I read dozens of picture books every month with my three children (12, 10, 8). This list includes only the very best math picture books we read together. We hope you enjoy all of these books as much as we have!

Click here for posts that talk in more depth about selected math picture books and for math activities related to those books.

This list is continually updated (newest books at the top). Some books appear under more than one topic heading. 

Math Picture Books

General (Multiple Topics)

Number Sense


Number Operations



Multiplication & Proportions/Ratios

Division & Fractions

Measurement & Data

*While all of these books are wonderful, I have starred (*) those books that were special favorites of all four of us. These starred books were picture books we checked out again and again from the library, or eventually purchased for ourselves, and are not to be missed. 

Here are links to all our favorite picture book read-alouds by subject: 


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