ART & MUSIC: Our Favorite Picture Book Read-alouds

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I read dozens of picture books every month with my three children (12, 10, 8). This list includes the very best of the picture books related to art and music that we have read together. While all of the books below are wonderful, I have starred (*) those books that were special favorites of all four of us. These starred books were picture books we checked out again and again from the library, or eventually purchased for ourselves, and are not to be missed. We hope you enjoy all of these books as much as we have!

This list is continually updated (newest books at the top of each section).

Picture Books about Art and Artists

While I am reading aloud a textier book about an artist, I often let my children browse large volumes of the artist's artwork checked out from the library (from adult section, not children's). I always preview artwork first to make sure I am comfortable with content, and so I am prepared for my kids' reactions and questions. 






Picture books about creativity and artistic expression

Picture Books about Music and Musicians








Picture books that illustrate a song (i.e., text of book is taken from the lyrics of a song). 
This is one of my favorite kinds of picture books!

Here are links to all our favorite picture book read-alouds by subject: 


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